PARCHHAIYAN – ateet ki PART – 1



PART – 1

MONDAY morning and whole staff was hell busy in the preprations of welcoming their new boss. He overtake it just few days back and today he is coming to his new office. Main area was filled with the fragnance of roses. Bright sunshine ic coming through windows. Office was decorated like a new bride. They only heared about him but never saw him. When all is done,a sweety chubby girl entered in one cabin to infrom her boss,MD of this company.

‘Geet mam everything is done. Pls come and have a look.’ She invite a woman in white saree,around 27,fair complexion,hazled eyes filled with confidence,sharp white nose and a luscious pink lips,engrossed so much in her files. It wasn’t her sharp and attractive features which made her spl. It was her capasity to handle any work at office which make her qualified for the position of MD…

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